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The term “Mechanic’s Lien Law” can be confusing. In California, the term refers to the rights granted by the State of California to all individuals and companies, to collect money they are owed for the labor, materials, equipment and supplies they furnish to a construction project. It includes the actual Mechanic’s Lien recorded against a project, as well as Stop Payment Notice claims and Payment and Performance Bond claims. Payment Bond claims made on Federal works of improvement are also encompassed within this practice area.

The Law Office of James D. Lipschultz has 35 years of experience in representing general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment rental companies and design professionals in enforcing their mechanic’s lien, stop payment notice and bond rights on construction projects throughout the State of California and on Federal projects across the Country. We also have extensive experience representing owners, developers and sureties in defending against these claims.

The laws governing mechanic’s lien rights vary from state to state and it is critical to your success that your attorney knows these laws. Mr. Lipschultz regularly gives seminars to his clients and others in the construction industry about the Mechanic’s Lien Law and how to use these laws to your advantage. Mr. Lipschultz also drafts and customizes the critical forms that are necessary for enforcement of Mechanic’s Lien rights, including the Preliminary Notice, the Notice of Completion, as well as the Mechanic’s Lien, Stop Payment Notice and Bond Claim forms.

Regardless of your role in the construction process, the Law Office of James D. Lipschultz will have your interests protected.


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